Errol Haun


It gives me great pleasure to write to you concerning one of the finest piano technicians that I have worked with.

As a performing pianist I have had the opportunity to observe and assist many fine piano technicians. Michael Jackson is among the best if not the best technician that I have ever known.

His tunings are the best that I have experienced. He can tune a piano, have it moved it to several different performance venues and have it returned in tune. He has helped me adjust my tuning hammer technique to make tuning much easier and my tunings more solid.

He is one of the few technicians I have known that understands how to work on “cold-pressed” (Steinway) hammers. He can voice a piano with impeccable precision. After Michael has voiced a set of hammers, the piano has a pure, full and powerful tone with a tremendous variety of tonal color.

He is very reliable in backing up his work, and has been available to adjust any perceived problem with any piano he has worked on. My pianos sound better that they ever have after Michael has worked on them.

He has been trained by CF Theodore Steinway Technical Academy at Steinway & Sons in New York to work on every aspect of Steinway pianos from setting up hammers to installing damper systems to regulating actions and all other aspects of regulating a piano. I own a copy of the official Steinway manual and am aware of their methods. Michael follows them precisely.

I give Michael Jackson and his technical work my highest recommendation.