Carolyn Shaak


Ever since Michael Jackson started tuning pianos in Denver, I have been one of his best advocates and customers. At that time I had four Steinway B pianos and one Kawai Shigeru mid-sized. Since then I have lent my oldest Steinway to my oldest daughter, who is a pianist, teacher and composer in the Boston area. Before it was shipped to her, Michael put new hammers on it and made various other improvements. I have since played it in its new home and it sounds very beautiful and is greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all who play it.

Since that time (christmas, 2010), Michael has put new hammers on the other three Steinways, followed by laborious work on voicing and many other technical problems. He also does all my tunings and I recommend him to all of my students. He transformed one of my B Steinways from a brassy, uneven piano into an exquisite, responsive instrument that I want to play all day and night.

I feel that the Denver community is most fortunate to have a “Master Tuner/Technician” in our area. He is passionate about the repair and maintenance of all pianos, but especially Steinways Michael is very pleasant, easy to get along with and respectful of his commitments. Actually his is the most conscientious person I have ever met. I am grateful he chose Colorado in which to live and appreciate his expertise beyond words.