John Perry


l am very happy to have the opportunity to write a recommendation for the great piano technician, Michael Jackson. There are several aspects if this man’s piano work that are important to discuss.

First, as a tuner, Michael Jackson is the best l have experienced in fifty years of concert experience. Not only is his tuning beautiful, but the tuning holds longer than anyone else’s. The only other tuner l have experienced that could make a piano keep its tune like Michael is Ken Brown, who used to do all the concert tuning in Los Angeles for Sherman Clay when they were the Steinway dealer on Willshire Blvd.

Second, his regulation is flawless. He knows how to work with the peculiarities of various instruments to make them work as well as they possibly can.

Third, his hammer work is absolutely ideal. His voicing is inspiring. The sound of the piano is full but never harsh. When he finishes tuning and voicing, the piano seems more beautiful and more resonant. He never ruins the hammer with excessive needling. He never kills the hammer and the sound of the attack is always clear, and bell like even at the softest dynamic levels.

Fourth, his reliability and loyalty are exemplary. Never have l found a technician that was so willing to make himself available when needed, even when it is a great inconvenience to him personally. One just does not find that kind of work ethic very often any more.

Michael is my personal piano technician for my home studio. He has that contract as long as he wishes. Nothing else l could say would be a greater endorsement than that.